2,000 Priority Club Points for Video & Survey

The Chase PCR Visa Select 90 second video awarding 1,000 points for views seems to be working again.  Previously, a unique sign-up code was required, although a few in the forums seem to be hinting that promo code MSPAOQR6F2 will work for unique users this time around.  I tend to think it’s likely that the promo sill requires a unique code, but why not give it a try for 1,000 points and 90 seconds, points post in 4-6 weeks.

There is also a survey awarding 1,000 points, though it too is targeted.  The T&Cs specifically state that you must have received the email in order to qualify for the points, but again worth a shot for under 60 seconds of your time.



  1. I did the video twice, for two different PC accounts, with the code posted above. Not sure if it worked or not, but I didn’t get any errors that would indicate otherwise.

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