The Complete Guide To Flying Southwest Airlines

by Shelli Stein

Planning to fly Southwest Airlines soon? We have so many posts covering all-things Southwest that we’ve created The Complete Guide To Flying Southwest Airlines. Southwest is a quirky carrier amongst airlines within the United States, and comes with its own set of rules, both good and bad.

Now you’ll have all you need to know about Southwest — in one place. Of course, this guide will be a work in progress, and we’ll update it and add to it over time as we come up with additional Southwest topics. We’ve organized the information under various topics so you’ll easily be able to access what you want to know.

Southwest Fare Information

What Exactly is a Southwest ‘Wanna Get Away’ Fare 

Southwest Wanna Get Away fares are the airline’s lowest fares and generally the best deals. Learn more about them.

What Exactly Is A Southwest Airlines Senior Fare?

Senior Fares on Southwest are discounted Anytime fares that are refundable. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Southwest Travel Funds, Gift Cards, and LUV Vouchers: The Complete Guide

There are many differences between Southwest gift cards, travel funds, and LUV vouchers. Understanding what they are and how you can use these forms of is essential  when traveling on Southwest.

Best Credit Cards for Southwest Flyers

Credit cards can be an awesome way to increase your Southwest Rapid Rewards points so that you fly for free as often as possible. Here’s what you need to know when choosing between the many credit cards that offer Southwest Rapid Rewards points.

Reservations and Tips for Southwest Flights

Southwest Baggage Fees, Policies, and FAQs in 2019

Southwest Airlines baggage fees are one of the best reasons to fly Southwest. Learn about all the fees and baggage policies before you book your flight!

The Complete Guide: Flying With Your Pet In The US 

Don’t want to leave home without your pet? Here’s all you need to know about airline pet rules and regulations when flying with your pet.

My Secrets to Getting the Best Seats on Southwest 

How do I select a seat when I fly Southwest Airlines? Good question. Unless you pay up, you’ll need these tips to avoid the pitfalls and the dreaded middle seat!

Southwest Is The Best Airline You’re Probably Not Flying: 11 Reasons 

Southwest Airlines is different than any other airline. But is it the best airline for you? Loyal followers love the airline for these 11 unique reasons.

Southwest Airlines’ Quirky Perks and Hacks: The Complete Guide 

The ultimate guide to all the hidden secret benefits, perks, tips hacks and upgrades for when you fly on Southwest Airlines. Knowing these will make your flights a breeze.

7 Tips For Mastering Southwest Check-In and Boarding

Putting these 7 tips to use are a must for getting the best Southwest check-in and boarding experience.

Southwest Airlines: 2 Easy Ways to Get Free Drinks

Free drinks are easy to score on certain holidays. Also, in your Southwest Airlines account you can opt-in for even more free drink opportunities.

Need to Call or Contact Southwest Airlines?

Sometimes you just need to call or contact an airline. Here’s all the Southwest Airlines contact information you’ll need to know. You’ll also learn how to get a human operator on the line as quickly as possible.

Cancelling Southwest Flights 

How to Cancel a Southwest Airlines Flight & View Travel Funds

Canceling a Southwest Airlines flight? Here’s what you need to know about Southwest Airlines cancellation refund policy and viewing your travel funds.

Southwest Companion Pass

How to Add a “Free” Companion Pass Traveler to an Existing Southwest Airlines Reservation / Confirmation

Want to add a free companion pass traveler to your existing Southwest Airlines reservation? Here are the steps you’ll need to follow.

If you have questions or suggestions about other Southwest topics you don’t see listed here, please let us know in the comments below. 

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