Headquarters Sneak Peek – Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, JetBlue, Virgin-Atlantic, and Air New Zealand

CNN Go had a recent article taking readers inside the headquarters of Cathay Pacific, Virgin-Atlantic, JetBlue, Lufthansa, and Air New Zealand. While the article is pretty sparse on pictures and actual details, it does provide a few interesting tidbits.

The Cathay Pacific City in Hong Kong boasts a hotel, health club, museum, flight training center, retail shops, and a food court.

JetBlue has turned the old Brewster Aeronautical building into a modern high-tech headquarters space in Long Island City.

Lufthansa’s Aviation Center in Frankfurt includes a roof shaped like a parachute and nine gardens.

Check out additional HQ details as well as Air New Zealand’s Hub here.


  1. I worked at Cathay City for a few years, they have a bar at the hotel end of the complex, its outside of the restricted area so I think anyone could go there for a drink. They have free shuttle buses from the airport that run quite frequently to cathay city, its very close to the HK airport.

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