15 Festivals to Attend Before You Die

I didn’t think I would have many of these covered, but I’ve actually made it to five of the fifteen, including the first two and the final one – Carnival in Rio, Oktoberfest in Munich, and St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. All thanks to points and miles! Check out the full list from Fodor’s here.

1-carnival-rio-de-janeiro-brazil 2-oktoberfest-munich-germany 14-saint-patricks-day-festival-dublin-ireland


  1. Seriously, they left out the Festa del Redentore in Venice celebrating the end of the plague? Amazing spectacle. Canals filled with boats (you should be able to walk to Murano stepping from boat to boat). Music everywhere. Cheap wine only days old sold from giant plastic bottles. The most amazing fireworks display I’ve ever seen.

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