ITA Matrix Restores Full Functionality for Nearby Airport Searches!

Two weeks ago Google upgraded ITA Matrix to version 3.0, though as reported by Travel Codex, we actually lost a lot of useful functionality in the process. For the Juicy Miles team, we were most bummed about the loss of the nearby airport search function, now limited to a 150 mile radius (it used to allow for searches up to 2,000 miles). This impacted the ease of booking Round-the-World awards and searching for hidden city tickets. Chris, one of our award bookers, decided to use the “send feedback” form to let Google/ITA know that we were severely missing the old functionality.  Now, I’m sure that they received feedback from many others (and perhaps read the Travel Codex post), but only three days later the nearby airports search radius was back up to 2,000 miles and to top it off, “select all” functionality returned as well! Happy flight searching!

ITA Matrix Nearby Airport Functionality

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