The Biggest and Most Embarrassing Travel Flops of 2014

I think my favorites from this list are the touron (short for tourist + moron), the SNCF $68M snafu, and of course the shady maid.

You almost can’t believe this one is for real: the French railway operator SNCF somehow spent $20 billion to buy more than 1,800 new trains, only to discover that they were too wide to fit into hundreds of railway stations around the country. Plus, That little snafu will cost a whopping $68 million to fix, as stations and rail lines will need to be retrofitted to accommodate the new trains.

In January, a “touron” (that’s short for tourist + moron), decided that it was a good idea to topple a rock formation in Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park. And to put it on video. He’s being sued for a third-degree felony, as is his videographer. (Here’s an outtake of the offender and his cohort in crime.) Oh, and to make matters worse, the idiot was a Boy Scout leader. Great example to set for the kids.

Full list thanks to Mark from Yahoo! here.

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