Alaska Airlines – “We’re Not Paying for Delta’s New Seattle Terminal”

Today, Alaska Airlines told Seattle (SEA) airport officials that they do not want their passengers paying for an international terminal expansion that will mostly benefit Delta. The terminal expansion costs recently skyrocketed from $300 million to over $600 million. Alaska’s senior VP of external relations had this to say about the meeting with the Port of Seattle:

“Virtually none of our customers are going to use that facility, but they’re going to pay for most of it. The people using the international facility, they need to pay for the facility, and if the price tag is too high, they need to bring the price tag down. The intention is for vast majority of funding to come on the back of domestic customers who would never use the facility.”

Obviously, Alaska does have a few international flights to Mexico, but the vast majority of flights at the new facility will likely be Delta’s. However, all passengers (including those only flying domestic on Alaska) will be assessed an increased passenger facility charge (PFC).

“With PFCs not going to that project, that money that could be used for other projects that could benefit domestic carriers or all carriers at the airport”

Updates to follow…

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