When Purchasing Airfare – Divide & Conquer Tricks & Tips

What, no award? On BoardingArea we are all very aware of how to get the best award pricing for each of our redemptions, but what about those times when we actually have to purchase airfare? I’m pretty confident the community is somewhat educated on these tricks as well, but as a nice reminder check out these “divide and conquer tips” from Kelli B. Grant of CNBC:

Travelers often book nonstop, round-trip fares by default, but that’s not always the best bargain. Fare sales can offer one-way breaks, especially on competitive routes and ones where there’s a directional difference (meaning flying from point A to B is cheaper than B to A).

A different way to divide your trip is by splitting reservations for larger parties on the same flights. Start your search for a single seat, even if you’re traveling as a group of two or more. A quirk of airline booking systems is that they search for the best fare for the entire party, meaning you could miss out on cheaper seats.

Read her full “Divide and Conquer” tips here and see how much she actually saved in each of the above scenarios.

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