Woman Lives On Cruise Ship For $164K Per Year…for the last 7 years

Lee Wachstetter, an 86 year-old widow from Fort Lauderdale, sold her house after her husband passed away and decided to take up permanent residence aboard cruise ships! She currently pays $164,000 per year to live on the Crystal Serenity and has been on the ship for the last seven years. Prior to the Serenity, she was living on a Holland America ship for three years.

“My husband introduced me to cruising. Mason was a banker and real estate appraiser and taught me to love cruising. During our 50-year marriage we did 89 cruises. I’ve done nearly a hundred more and 15 world cruises. The day before my husband died of cancer in 1997, he told me, ‘Don’t stop cruising.’ So here I am today living a stress-free, fairy-tale life.”

Check out her sweet full story from the Inquisitr here.



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