McDonald’s Fancy Couscous & Quinoa Salads & Kiosk Ordering Outside the US

I was in Australia for the holidays a few weeks back and happened to wander into a McDonald’s that was offering the new customizable salad options via a touchscreen kiosk. The “McDonald’s Next” trend started with a store in Hong Kong and is being tested outside the US. Australia and Canada are two of the test locations.

I was impressed by the salad choices, no matter how many I added, the price remained the same. Choices included grilled chicken (double and triple portions could be selected), grilled shrimp, steak, couscous, quinoa, asparagus, corn, walnuts, fruits, and more. In Hong Kong, there’s even a “theater kitchen” which looks a bit like McD’s Chipotle restaurants with brightly lit metallic surfaces that showcase the ingredients.

McDs Salad Bar McDs Salad

You were also able to customize the normal menu items including burgers. Angus beef, egg, bacon, and even different types of cheeses (“standard McDonald’s yellow” is still a choice) could be added.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 4.22.27 PM

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