Save 5% on Southwest Airlines, 17.5% on Hyatt Hotels!

It is always nice to be able to save some money on your travel expenses, and this is an easy way to do so if you have travel upcoming with Southwest Airlines or are planning on staying at a Hyatt Hotel! CardCash has dropped prices on their gift cards today for these 2 popular travel companies.

Between now and February 3, 2016 at midnight, you can purchase Southwest Airlines printable e-gift cards for 5% off their face value, and Hyatt Hotels printable e-gift cards for a whopping 17.5% off their face value!

These deals are part of a bigger price cut for other gift cards, including Chevron Gasoline and Sunglass Hut as well!



  1. My upcoming stay at Olive 8 in Seattle just got a whole lot cheaper 🙂
    Thanks for posting this deal!

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