Too Short To Be A Flight Attendant? Start Your Own Company!

We recently shared a story of the beauty pageant-like process (including a bikini) of applying to be a flight attendant in China.  For one South African woman, she managed to turn a story of rejection into a story of inspiration.


Sibongile Sambo wanted to be a flight attendant with South African Airways, but she did not meet the minimum height requirement to become one.  Instead of fuming at the process, Sibongile decided to sell her car, and use her mother’s pension money to found SRS Aviation, Africa’s first female aviation company.  SRS Aviation now provides personalized travel services including helicopter, and tourist and luxury flights to destinations spanning the globe.

CNN reported that SRS Aviation received an Air Operating Certificate by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), allowing it to operate commercial flying activities, and has helped three women get their private pilot licenses.  Similarly, Ethiopian Airlines had a flight run entirely by a female crew in a bid to encourage more African women into aviation.

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