MH370 Debris Found in South Africa?

A South African archeologist has discovered what appears to be a Rolls Royce engine cowling near the town of Mossel Bay on South Africa’s southern coast according to CNN. He took photos of the piece and sent them to a friend who is a pilot. The two then decided to alert the South African Civil Aviation Authority. They contacted Malaysian authorities who will are sending a team to retrieve the potential MH370 debris. You can clearly see the Rolls Royce logo in the picture posted to Twitter below.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 6.58.40 PM

Two other possible pieces of debris from MH370 have been found in Mozambique over the last few months and are currently being examined by the investigation team in Australia.


  1. Only other missing jet that I see on wikipedia is a stolen 727, which dissappeared in Angola.

    Crashes… let me check.

    Verdict — it is, so far

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