American Airlines Will Start To Offer Free Premium In-Flight Entertainment!

A common reason why passengers enjoy flying airlines such as Jetblue is that they offer free in-flight entertainment that they actually want to watch! Many legacy carriers within the United States have lagged behind on this front, but American Airlines is seeking to change that.

Image credit: Getty Images

Image credit: Getty Images

In a press release this week, American Airlines announced that it will be offering its complete library of movies, TV shows, and music with no charge to the customer! The airline boldly claimed that they had “best and largest content library among the U.S. carriers” which will be made available to passengers via the seatback entertainment system or on on a personal device. American Airlines said:

Customers traveling on American flights will be able to enjoy premium shows like HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and “Silicon Valley” as well as new movie releases such as “Captain America: Civil War,” “The Boss” and “The Lobster.” Available inflight entertainment will vary by aircraft and WI-FI type. Nearly 300 of American’s aircraft have seatback entertainment, with more being added every month.


How do you feel about this announcement from American Airlines?


  1. Its a good thing don’t get me wrong. But I really believe what is driving this decision to offer free IFE is because FAs are spending an increasing amount of time dealing with broken IFEs and the refund process. Its more of a subtraction by addition move so they can be hands-off. If you get a seat with a slow, broken or inoperative IFE – oh well. Maybe that is a negative view but that’s how I see it. I think in my experience the IFE works 80% of the time …

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