Apartment Complex Comes Complete With “Uber Waiting Room”

This is certainly an amenity that did not exist in apartments built even 10 years ago! In Washington DC, the Flats at Atlas apartments in the NoMa neighborhood are offering something very unique.

Image credit: Valor Development

Image credit: Valor Development

More than an indoor basketball court, or a gigantic fish tank, this apartment offers you a waiting room for those moments when your Uber or Lyft ride is on its way. Unlike the main lobby, this smaller waiting area will have a separate entrance, and will have couches, a television set, and a direct view to where rideshare vehicles can pull up. Further, the room will have a TransitScreen, which is designed to show real time data of public transit wait times, and how far away the nearest Uber is.

Would you like to have an Uber waiting room for your complex?


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