Delta Sends 747 to Florida to Evacuate Visitors & Residents

Delta has sent my favorite aircraft, the Boeing 747-400, on a rescue mission to Orlando in order to collect visitors and residents prior to Irma’s arrival.  At 12:15pm this afternoon, Delta flight 2517 departed Detroit for Orlando. The flight was scheduled to return to Detroit just one hour later.

Despite a 58 minute delay, flight 2517 will land back in Detroit with 376 passengers within the hour. Of course, the 747s based in Detroit are normally used for long-haul flights to Asia. Like their other Florida flights, this flight was capped at $399 per ticket.

Earlier this week, Delta sent a rescue 737 from JFK to San Juan while Irma was bearing down on the island. The flight left JFK at 8:12am and arrived in San Juan at 12:01 pm, before departing just 41 minutes later. Delta 302 left San Juan at 12:41pm. and arrived in New York at 4:22pm.


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