American Offers Me Platinum Status Retention for This Much $….

Well, it’s that time of year again! In 2017, I focused on my Delta and United status and was comfortable not re-qualifying for American Airlines AAdvantage Platinum status (I have lifetime Gold). Well, American like most other airlines has reached out with a “special opportunity” for those of us who did not re-qualify for status. The offer presented would allow me to buy back my status for $1299, approximately $100 more than a similar offer made to one of our contributors last year.

If I wanted to maintain this status, I certainly could have found mileage runs for less than $1299 (at Juicy Miles we specialize in crafting the best value mileage runs to get you the EQM/MQM/PQMs that you need). However, for a corporate executive who has no patience or time, $1299 may not be so bad.  I’ll be passing on this deal, but I did take advantage of the LATAM status match!


  1. I got the same offer. It’s a hard pass for me – granted they given me free Platinum for the last 2 years; however, I’ve only gotten little value out of it (not a single upgrade cleared).

  2. I got an offer of $795 from Gold to Platinum but I don’t think it’s worth it based on my travel plans in 2018. I figure 30 to 40 segments or 10 domestic flights plus a couple award flights. Hard to justify. I was 4 segments short of Platinum in 2017.

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