While many frequent readers know the ins and outs of booking award tickets, many do choose to solicit the help of an award booking service. Being on the Juicy Miles team, booking award tickets is a daily activity for me. In interacting with phone agents on a virtually daily basis, I have gathered some of my favorite lies… Read full article

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Delta’s back at it, working to beef up their loyalty base in the Pacific Northwest. Their latest promotion allows for elite status after just two roundtrip flights (Silver) or six roundtrip flights for Gold while also providing bonus miles. For a limited time, members in Washington, Oregon and Alaska can fast-track to Silver Medallion status in just… Read full article

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Delta brought its Shuttle product to the West Coast in September 2013 with E175 service between LAX and SFO. The West Coast shuttle will be upgraded this June with 8 of the 15 daily flights going to mainline 717-200 service. The wifi equipped aircraft will accommodate 110 passengers with power in every seat. “Our Delta Shuttle on… Read full article

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An Atlanta based Delta flight attendant had the winning cocktail recipe in a contest that was open to all flight attendants with the airline.  Three finalists were chosen to compete in a “taste off” judged by Delta’s onboard service department and a team of flight attendants. The Jack and Joe took first place and is… Read full article

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Today, Alaska Airlines told Seattle (SEA) airport officials that they do not want their passengers paying for an international terminal expansion that will mostly benefit Delta. The terminal expansion costs recently skyrocketed from $300 million to over $600 million. Alaska’s senior VP of external relations had this to say about the meeting with the Port… Read full article

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The DOT said yesterday that they are going forward with their review of whether to strip Delta of their SEA-HND slots, despite Delta’s formal response earlier this week. The DOT was not impressed and said nothing in the response from Delta changed their previous decision. We have determined that, in light of Delta’s extensive winter-season… Read full article

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Delta has formally responded to both American and Hawaiian’s bids to take away their Seattle (SEA) – Haneda (HND) slots. In the 33 page response, Delta said that: American and Hawaiian’s efforts to strip Seattle and Washington State of their only Haneda flight and move the slots to abundantly served states in California and Hawaii… Read full article

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Last month marked 23 years since Delta pulled the plug on Pan Am. On Dec. 4, 1991, Delta revealed its decision to not honor its commitment to fund a new Miami-based Pan Am, and the historic carrier shut down. Ted Reed at Fortune takes an interesting look back at the circumstances leading to Delta’s decision and the legal battle… Read full article

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Avery, a member of the Juicy Miles team and author of Don’t Call the Airline!, has discovered quite an amazing glitch on the Delta website. Near unlimited partner availability – we are talking VS, AF, AZ, CN, CZ, KE, etc. Check out his post for full details on how to find the availability and take advantage while you… Read full article

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“We’ve asked the DOT to withdraw Delta’s Seattle-Haneda rights because of their underuse. They’ve agreed, now we’re trying to convince the DOT that our service from LAX would be the best use of those rights.” This morning American filed an application with the DOT to operate daily, year-round flights from LAX to Haneda (HND). The proposed… Read full article

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This is actually not a joke! Delta’s Level 1 (Saver) availability to Europe this summer is fantastic…and not just on their partners but on DL metal as well. Delta had promised that with all the negative SkyMiles “enhancements” in 2015, we would also receive better award availability. It seems that they told the truth, at least while… Read full article

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