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Brussels Resumes Flights w/ 3 Security Checks, Delta Cancels Service Until March 2017, NYC Flights Resume Monday

Brussels Airport Procedures

Three Brussels Airlines flights departed for Faro in Portugal, Turin in Italy, and Athens today amidst enhanced security procedures. Under the new security arrangements: Vehicles and passengers traveling to the temporary departures area will be screened on the access road. Special cameras will check license plates An additional police check and ID and boarding pass check…

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Delta Adds Nationals, Sponsored MLB Teams Climbs to Almost Half the League!

Well, Delta certainly doesn’t play favorites! Yesterday, they announced a new five-year sponsorship agreement that makes them the official airline and official private jet carrier of the Washington Nationals. With the addition of the Washington Nationals, Delta now sponsors nearly half of Major League Baseball’s 30 teams, more than any other airline. Delta recently renewed its…

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This Great Pic Says It All – Pimps, Money Laundering, Drunks, and Coke Mules at Delta, American, United, & JetBlue


There have been a lot of airline employees behaving badly lately and this summary graphic from Trolleydolly does a great job of summarizing their crimes. Delta:  Delta employee arrested with more than $282,000 in backpack American:  American Airlines Pilot Who Authorities Say Failed Breathalyzer Test Is Charged United: United Airlines Pilot Busted for Running Brothels – “Pilot…

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US Airlines at War With Each Other Over Flights to Cuba


If you thought U.S. airlines would peacefully divide the rights for commercial flights to Cuba among themselves, think again. The Los Angeles Times has put together a summary of the accusations U.S. airlines are making against each other as they fight for the rights for these routes. These are some of those accusations: In Delta’s…

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American, Delta, & United Provide Belgium Updates – Details on Arriving Flights from US

American, Delta, and United have provided statements on the horrible attacks that took place this morning in Belgium. United provided details on their arriving flights from IAD and EWR while Delta gave updates on their flights from ATL and JFK. Meanwhile, American confirmed that their check-in area was not hit as part of the attack…

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Delta’s First A321 Makes 15 Hour Journey to ATL, Pics of their first stretch A321…

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 6.14.28 PM

Delta’s first A321 made it to Atlanta Thursday night after a 15 hour journey that began in Germany then on to Iceland to Canada to MSP and then finally to ATL. The jet isn’t configured for trans-Atlantic flying and required frequent fuel stops and needed to stay within radio range. From Delta’s team: Flight dispatcher Jim Jaroszewski explained…

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E-Cigarette Caught on Fire on Delta Flight – Should They Be Allowed On Board?


Electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) are battery-powered vaporizers that simulate the feeling of smoking. Some companies are concerned about the safety of e-cigarettes because they contain lithium ion batteries, which have been shown to ignite. This is a similar issue to the problems with hoverboard batteries that have resulted in every major US airline banning them on board.…

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Delta International Operation Changes for Summer 2016

Delta 717

Airline Route published a comprehensive list of all Delta international operation changes for summer 2016. Please note that some of these changes had already been processed by Delta, although not necessarily covered on Airline Route. As is usually the case with major airlines, the number of changes Delta is implementing for the summer is significant.…

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Delta: “End of Free Ride – We Want Customers to Use Miles Not for Free Travel, but to Control Their Experience”

DL Upgrade

In a very interesting article by Bloomberg, Delta confirms and then says more blatantly what they sadly shared in December, miles should be used to “discount” flights, not give you a free ride. As far as upgrades to First, Business, or even Comfort+, you best be ready to pay for it…regardless of your status. Fun times…

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