15,000 US Airways Miles Offer!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been patiently waiting and hoping to receive the much talked about 15k offer from Barclays. Today it finally arrived via email(included at the bottom of this post)! What is the 15k offer? Lately, Barclays has been offering an additional 15K bonus for spending $750 every month for 3 months after a period of inactivity once you complete your first purchase (usually 2 months or so) on your new US Airways Premier World MasterCard. My spending habits have aligned with that timeline perfectly. I applied for the card (for a second time) in early December and made my first purchase on December 17th. My bonus miles posted to my Dividend Miles account on January 2nd and I then tucked the card away. I’ve been hoping for the 15k offer and today it arrived, just shy of two months since my one and only transaction. I will definitely be taking AAdvantage of the promo, even if it means buying a few more Vanilla Reload cards. This also works perfectly with my plan to apply for another US Airways card in June.

The US Airways cards are churnable and there is even a business version. Check out this previous post for results of my experiments in US Airways MasterCard churning and tips on proposed timelines and best available offers.

1) 40K 30K after your first purchase, annual fee of $89, up to an additional 10k when you transfer a balance within 90 days (1 mile per $). Full landing page and promo details.

  • Earn up to 40,000 bonus miles on qualifying transactions
  • EXCLUSIVE: Redeem flights for 5,000 fewer miles
  • Zone 2 boarding on every flight
  • Enjoy 2 miles per $1 spent on US Airways purchases
  • Earn 1 mile per $1 spent everywhere else
  • Annual companion certificate good for round-trip travel for up to 2 companions at $99 each, plus taxes and fees
  • First Class check-in
  • Please see terms and conditions for complete details

2) Business Card – 25k after your first purchase, up to 10k for balance transfer within the first 30 days (1 mile per $), $79 annual fee. Note this link will also give you the option to select a business card with no annual fee and 5k miles for signing up.

Offer is valid for select cardmembers and is not transferable. You will earn 15,000 bonus miles after you charge over $750 in net retail purchases (purchases that are not returned or rescinded) each month from March 1, 2013 through May 31, 2013. If you do not spend over $750 in any of the 3 months of the promotion, you will not be eligible for any bonus miles as part of this offer. To receive your bonus miles, your account must be open and in good standing. Purchases made during periods when your account is delinquent, your balance exceeds your credit line or your account is otherwise not in good standing as defined in your Credit Card Cardmember Agreement do not qualify for this offer. Your bonus miles will appear on your statement up to 6-8 weeks after the end of the promotion. Net retail purchases do not include such things as the purchase of money orders, traveler’s checks, foreign currency, lottery tickets, gambling chips, wire transfers, person-to-person money transfers or using the account to obtain a cash advance.

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  1. The link for the 40k miles doesn’t seem to work – this working is at the bottom of the page and there is no “submit” button . . .

    “We apologize for the inconvenience, but our website is experiencing technical issues.

    Please contact us at 1-866-419-6437 or try again later.”

    • @Erndog – Thanks, I’m receiving the same. I’ll monitor to see if it’s temporary or if this link is now no longer working as well.

    • @Albert C – There are many reports of multiple same day Barclays applications all combining into one pull and mine always have as well. However, my cards and most of the feedback I’ve received is for multiple personal cards on the same. I would expect the business card to be the same but let’s see if any of the readers have new info…

  2. I have been trying with the 40,000 no annual fee link for about a week. I haven’t seen anything but the “technical difficulty” screen.

  3. I wish I had gotten it. I hadn’t used the card since the bonus miles posted but just did recently to stay active. Now I think I won’t be targeted at all. Bummer.

  4. I had that offer for December, January, February…unfortunately I thought I had the card on auto pay and I was 5 days late with the last payment. I’ve read the T&C and I am not sure if I will qualify to collect. Stupid me.

  5. Got the offer again here too. I don’t end up doing it back around sept last year. Figured it was easier to just cancel and get card again with $1 spent instead. I just got my latest one in dec too and am planning my next churn for next week or two. I will try to add on the business card but probably to soon to cancel the new one from sec and sign up again. Maybe I’ll try to get a second card as Daraius said he was able to so once.

  6. I’m thinking that I may have accidentally deleted the offer. Can you tell me who it was “From” and the “Subject” so I can check? Thanks.

  7. will amazon payment work for this? I was targeted for the 15k offer with $75o spend for 3 months.

    Do I have to spend $750 each month for 3 month or I can just do the 3 $750 in one week?

    please respond for the 2 questions

    • @rob – Amazon payments should work and 2 readers report success, though YMMV. As far as the spending, unfortunately the requirement is $750 each month for 3 months, $2250 in one month won’t qualify…Barclays wants you to continuously use the card.

  8. @ adam
    Thanks for the swift reply.

    Looking at the terms of the offer. there is a risk for doing AP and getting nothing:

    Net retail purchases do not include such things as the purchase of money orders, traveler’s checks, foreign currency, lottery tickets, gambling chips, “wire transfers”, “person-to-person money transfers” or using the account to obtain a cash advance. So I won’t do AP on this one.
    I have another thing i wanted to ask about.

    I have the chase PC club and it’s up for renewal with $50 fee but I will keep it for the annual free night certificate. Otherwise I really hate priority club program and its points. It is the most devalued program before Hilton. I called customer service to ask for any retention bonuses, the rep said the only and best thing he could do is 15k PC points for $5k spend in 3 months. I know it is something but it is also almost nothing, cos 15 PC point is worth no more than $50. Should I spend $5k to get the 15k pc points?

    • @rob – Yea, most credit card terms have similar language when it comes to earning miles or points for p2p or wire transfers, though some readers succeed. I’ll personally be making the spend with Vanilla Reload cards. As far as PC, it depends how you value your PC points and if you have a specific trip in mind. Will the free night plus the 15k points get you there and therefore save you more than $50? I’ve turned down that same offer, though I don’t normally stay at PC properties. Hope that helps…

  9. please be careful on when your transactions post to your account. i received this notice late last month and attempted to make my min spend the last day of the month and was told that my account would not qualify. NOTHING on the advertisement says ANYTHING about “posting dates”

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