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  1. Thanks so much for posting this write-up and the pictures, as well as the link to your previous post on your visit to TWA’s terminal in October, 2012. Having started reading points and miles blogs only in November 2012, I missed your first one until now.

    In 1962, I was a child and my dad was a TWA employee at JFK, at that time with the airline for 19 years. 1963 was a turning point, since he hit his 20 years of service then and our family could start flying for free wherever TWA flew. We had flown a lot before that, but only domestically. Suddenly the world was open to us.

    I loved the new terminal and spent many hours there – sometimes many more than I would have liked, as we waited for non-rev seats to be available. This was way before the frequent flyer programs. My dad had great seniority but there were not always enough empty seats to accommodate us, but it was also a time when a $10 or $15 surcharge could bump you up to fly first class. (That was only if you wanted it arranged when you listed as a non-rev for the flight – often it just happened for free at the gate.) We always had to dress well since Dad was an employee and we were supposed to look very presentable. Although he was not a pilot, occasionally he’d ride in a jumpseat or the cockpit, if that meant our family of four could get where we were going. I flew from JFK to SFO alone for the first time at age 12, my parents putting me on in first class so the hostesses could keep an eye on me.

    Thanks for a lovely little trip down memory lane. Please post should you hear of another open visit. I now live on the west coast but would consider a trip back east for that!

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