NYC Readers – Over 200 Vanilla Reloads in One Store!

New York City hasn’t been the easiest place to find Vanilla Reloads the last few months, but they can be found if you look hard (and often) enough. Today, I happened to be in one of the standard stores within the city to obtain VR cards, when a gift card delivery arrived. Now, I had witnessed one of these deliveries before, but not with this many cards. Three crates were opened and they all had VR cards – 20 packs with 10 cards per pack…unbelievable! They are currently all unpacked and loaded into one of the gift card carrousels. Need some cards? Feel free to shoot me an email for the store location. Happy VR hunting!

Update 11:30pm EST – I’ve already responded to approximately 100 emails, with each reader agreeing to limit their purchase to two cards.

Update 1:25am EST – All gone!

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  1. I wish all of the stores would order more cards then maybe people would not feel like they have to play hide and seek with the cards. I would rather the $1K/day limit stay in force until CVS steps up the amount of cards it orders.

  2. My local CVS does the same $5K in a single transaction per day. But they also require to swipe my DL through their POS machine to which I don’t have any objections.

  3. Wow! What cards are you all using to buy $5K at a time and $30K in a month without sending off alarm bells to the card fraud depts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to hear it’s working on such a large scale but I’ve been through an Amex FR once before and don’t want to do it again!

  4. I think these HUGE buys are a bad idea and could kill this cash cow. Plus, I don’t like scanning my ID at C.V.S. I buy 1x$500 each visit. Now to be open, there are 5 stores w/in 15 min drive from my home that all have all the VR I want so there is that.

  5. Buying 30k of VR cards in one month is just pure greed. I sincerely hope that you either lose some of those VR cards. Mileage earning is a marathon my friend, not a sprint.

    As for the people you are emailing agreeing to only buy 2 cards, good luck with that one! As R has demonstrated, most mileage collectors are greedy pigs and are only concerned with racking up as many points in a short period of time off the hard work of others. They don’t give a damn about keeping deals alive or helping out others. Its all me me me.

  6. Thanks again for posting this and sharing the CVS location. I picked up my two cards on the way to work this morning and there were still plenty left on the rack.

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