Trains or Planes: Who’s The Winner During These Chaotic Travel Times?

by Shelli Stein

Will train travel ever displace air travel, even over shorter distances? Many hope so, especially in Europe and especially with all the current chaos and melt-downs happening at airports all over the world. Traveling by train offers up a totally different experience with many benefits over flying.

Post-pandemic, pent-up travel energy has wreaked havoc for the travel industry, and particularly for air travelers. Does anyone really hold the secret to more efficient travel? Maybe Europeans do.

Europe’s Rail Network Can Make Traveling By Train A Faster Option Than Flying

Europe is well known for its efficient rail network so much so that travelers sometimes jokingly say you can set your watch by a Swiss train schedule.

And while it’s true that most countries in Europe have developed (and use) their railroads, these days Europeans are pondering ways to make train travel even more efficient, especially for the environment.

A DW article tells how high speed rail connections between European cities could be a more climate-friendly and less chaotic means of traveling abroad.

travel by train in Europe

What is the European Green Deal?

The European Green Deal suggests increasing the number of high-speed rail routes in Europe, as well as banning short-haul flights (less than 2.5 hours). Another creative travel alternative is to ramp up cross-border night trains. I’ve taken cross-border night trains in Europe and have always had a great time. Traveling by train lends itself to a totally different travel experience!

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The biggest challenge in traveling by train is to improve connections between countries, since each one has its own rail system and policies.

Yes, it’s a complicated topic. But especially when it can be quicker to take a train rather than fly, as one traveler in this article found out, having options is important.

Do you make a point of seeing which is the fastest, best option for your travels or do you usually use flying as your default choice?

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