World’s 10 Rudest Countries for Travelers

Skyscanner recently released a list of the world’s rudest nations for visitors, calling out those countries who don’t exactly provide that warm and fuzzy welcoming feeling to tourists. The list includes 34 countries based on responses collected from North America, Europe, and Australia.

The 10 rudest countries:
1. France
2. Russia
3. United Kingdom
4. Germany
5. Others (?)
6. China
7. United States
8. Spain
9. Italy
10. Poland

The countries voted least rude:
1. Japan
2. Denmark
3. Canada
4. New Zealand
5. Indonesia
6. Portugal
7. Thailand
8. The Philippines
9. Caribbean region
10. Brazil

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  1. France? Germany? The UK? Spain? The US? Not in my experience! Of course, I never expect any other nation to mirror my own. I crave, and then relish, the differences.

  2. I would say the list would change if persons understood the language in the countries and could hear what is said about them and to their back/

    Thailand is a price example. calling tourists buffalo, and darkie, and so on.

  3. totally agree with France/Japan, but also surprised Germany is on the rude list. My experience at FRA and MUC (the airports, the airline LH, and the cities themselves) have been nothing but tourist-friendly encounters, but maybe i’m just lucky.

  4. Germany really surprises me. I’ve been there–albeit only to southern Germany–and Austria three times now and have had only one situation that could have even remotely been considered “rude”. That one was clearly just the language barrier. Everybody I have interacted with other than the one waiter has been incredibly friendly and helpful, and has made their best effort to communicate effectively with me in English–with me responding in broken German phrases when I could.

    Italy seemed like a far more rude place, although still not a place I would consider rude.

    • It depends on which part of Canada you are visiting. Quebec is very rude. I can not speak French but I understand it. I’ll visit any of the other Canadian provinces and territories but you’d have to pay me to visit Quebec again.

  5. US is a mixed bag. New Yorkers tend to be rude, but people in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Iowa are very nice.

    France, Paris definitely, but I found very friendly people in Lyonn and Provence.

    Not sure about Germany. They are frank but not necessarily rude. UK, Italy and Spain for sure.

    Finally, I found Polish people very friendly, surprised to see them on this list.

  6. I agree with Japan at #1 on the least rude list but consider Taiwan, where the people are equally friendly, courteous & helpful in my experience.

  7. Having been to Norway (Oslo) many times and travelled extensively, I would say Norway is VERY RUDE! Rude and I am very sorry to say it, but very racist to boot! They don’t hold doors open (actually just walk in and let the door slam in your face), staring, and rude in their manner towards foreigners–very xenophobic. How sad…

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