Japan’s Love Hotels See Business Booming!

Well, if you’ve traveled to Japan you’ve definitely seen several of these “fine establishments”, they come in all different themes, shapes, and sizes. Apparently, the business is booming! Check out the story from Yahoo! here. 

Love Hotel

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    • @Daphne. (I guess some text made it into your post and other text reached me. Whatever…)
      While these ‘houses,’ are the fring of normal in Japan, Westerners such as us often do not understand the real function and purpose behind these public baths. Westerners would love to tack on some sexual connotation, but that is just not the case. I suspect that their origins occurred when many homes did not include private bathing facilities. Need a good washing?: visit the public bath! That has never been part of our culture or group facility, so it is unusual. That said, it is not a bad idea. A scrubbing helper is not a bad idea. There are a few spots that I cannot reach alone and the seem to grow as I age. If this sort of thing was culturally accepted in Amerika, I’d gladly engage a scrub helper once or twice a week. Here, far too many prudes try to imagine this as a sexual encounter. It is not, any more so than when a physician or nurse examines one’s body; in their culture (most cases) it is no more complicated that a routine part of personal hygiene. Other cultures have a LOT to teach us if only we would shut up and listen. Thanks for participating.

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