10 Things You Should Never Say to a Flight Attendant

Think twice before you say any of these things on a plane—unless you want your next in-flight drink to be served with a side of spit.

This Drink Is Too Expensive! – Yes, that drink is too expensive. But whining to the flight attendant isn’t going to change anything. Do you really think the CEO of a major airline consults with the flight attendants before raising prices on drinks? Trust us, the flight attendant to whom you’re complaining is not making a commission off overpriced gin and tonics. (Starting salaries for flight attendants can be as low as $14,000 per year, and there’s definitely no kickback from expensive drinks in there.)

Thanks to Janice from Yahoo! Travel for sharing the latest version of this list! Check out the full list here.

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FA 10 Things You Should Never Say

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  1. Totally disagree with “Fetch Me” if you are in F. You should have the right to use that call button if you haven’t seen the FA in an hour or two in F (or J) and want water or something.

  2. I can understand each specific point in this posting, however, in aggregate they are offensive to the traveler. I believe there needs to be common curtousy in both directions between attendant and traveler. Obviously the flight attendant who wrote this is “going by the book” based on what they are PAID to do or not do. Anything beyond seems to me to be perceived to be unacceptable.
    I do not expect a personal butler when traveling. However, when traveling with little kids without help, there are times assistance in getting rid of trash etc is appreciated. One issue this FA did not address what it would be like if every traveler got up and did errands “themselves”. What a joy that would be to negotiate the aisle with everyone in it doing their own tasks and how would the FA like to work around even more of us in the aisle. Since the FA is probably the most recognizable face to a specific carrier, he/she needs to be kind, caring and supportive. Baggage issues are the airlines making and if FA’s do not like it then their union should take it to their carrier. The FA who did this listing obviously has not sympathy for the traveler who is paying potentially hundreds of dollars in baggage fees for a small family. Would that FA want to pay those fees on their salary if they had to buy the ticket at full price like their customers? This FA make the baggage situation the traveler’s problem to deal with.
    Speaking from my own personal experience as one whose job mostly focuses on customer service levels, doing the minimum required would get me fired because there are plenty of other people looking for a job who would be willing to go a littler further in caring.
    When a FA is not doing safety requirements, they are basically waiter/waitresses in the air. No matter how they perceive themselves, that is what travelers see them to be there for. They see them as being someone who help a traveler while on his journey – within reason.

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