What? 1 in 3 Americans Fears International Flights Says New Poll

Not in this community! Let them use those miles for flights to Orlando 😉 ! Thanks to Mark from Yahoo! and TheStreet for sharing with our readers.

A new poll, conducted for TheStreet by GfK, shows that 36% of Americans agree that recent political turmoil has made them afraid to fly internationally. The poll, in which 1,004 people were interviewed by telephone, was conducted July 25 through July 27. In the poll, 355 of 1,004 respondents answered yes when asked, “Whether or not you plan to fly, has the recent political turmoil made you afraid to fly internationally?” Another 621 said no, while twenty said they didn’t know and five declined to answer.

Among those who now fear international flying, 42% were women and 29% were men. Also, 68% of men and 56% of women said they were not afraid to fly. Women are more fearful than men, older people are more fearful than younger people, and people in the west are less fearful than people in other regions, the poll shows. While 71% of people between 18 and 34 said they do not fear international flying, only 53% between 50 and 64 said they are not fearful.

As for people who do fear international flying, those between 50 and 64 were the most fearful, with 44% responding yes. In the oldest group, which included people 65 and over, only 38% said they feared international flying.

Regionally, among Westerners, only 25% expressed fear of international flying, while 73% said they had no fear. By contrast, people in the Northeast were the most concerned, with 43% expressing fear and 57% saying they had no fear. Among Midwesterners and Southerners, 37% to 38% expressed fear while 59% to 60% said they had no fear.

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  1. Having lived in several of these regions, I would have to ask what the rates have been over time. My guess is that Northeasterners have always been more afraid to fly.

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