200K Posts for BOTH Citi Executive / AAdvantage Cards…to the same account!

I had hoped this would be the result, especially based on some of the positive Flyertalk comments, but I’m now happy to officially report that 200,000 AAdvantage miles have found their way to my account! I used all the same details for both applications EXCEPT the email address which was unique for each. Others recommend using different AAdvantage accounts as well to be safe. Note that I also followed Citi’s unofficial app rules as stated over at Flyertalk “1 Citi app or card of any kind per 8 days and 2 Citi cards or apps of any kind per 65 days. It is always advisable to wait 65 days from any type of Citi denial before applying for another Citi card.”

Family members attending college at schools that allow credit card payments is always a a good thing…especially when they are willing to reimburse you via check 😉 !

Of course, I guess this isn’t all that special as other bloggers have reported getting 3 and 4 card bonuses successfully. I’m pretty happy with my 200K AA miles though and there’s no way I could have hit the spend a third time.

Anyone else have a similar experience? Unfortunately, the current offer has been reduced to 50K.

Citi AA Double Bonus

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  1. Yes.
    I did 4 cards for myself and 4 for my wife.
    All the same info on applications.

    $80,000 spend and 880,000 miles posted.

    • @sruly

      1. Did you follow the 8 day “rule” mentioned above or did you apply for all the cards one right after the other with no delay?

      2. Are you typically a high spender or did you MS some of the spend?


    • @sruly – I’m getting a ton of emails from readers who are curious about your accomplishment. Can you share some of your MS methodology with everyone?

  2. Thanks @sruly for the reply. Others should know 8 cards at $450 a piece, that’s quite a hit in fees, although there was that partial credit refund per card. With a bunch of MS, there are also gift card fees and possibly money order fees involved as well. 800,000+ miles is sweet but it would have cost him a couple thousand dollars at least, I’m sure. Still a fantastic deal if you can swing the cost AND pay off your credit cards in full every month.

  3. Hi Adam,

    I was pretty successful also. Three cards for me, three for my wife, and two for a parent. This was over a period of six months.

    We received 500k already and I am working on the the spend for the remaining 300k. Since I have a business, I pay my business expenses through the cards. No MS.

    The problem is I can’t burn my miles and points fast enough even though we are taking many first class international trips a year!

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