How Crazy Am I To Think I Know Where MH370 Is?

That’s the title of a really interesting article by Jeff Wise in New York magazine commemorating the one year anniversary of the jet’s disappearance. You may remember Jeff Wise from his multiple daily appearances on CNN as part of their “aviation expert” panels. He was the one who was adamant that the pings detected in the Indian Ocean were not coming from MH370.

Well, it turns out he used those CNN panel payments to fund his own investigation…what do you think about the theory he proposes? Even if you don’t agree, it’s definitely a very fascinating read! Check it out here.

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  1. It’s a great example of how a seemingly reasonable person, can get obsessed with a topic. Remember how the Reddit people were SURE they picked out the Boston bombers? Lots of photos with circles and arrows. Yeah they lacked a lot of information but what little they had they OBSESSED over, until they found candidates. So remember how REASONABLE their analysis sounded at the time, when it was garbage.

    I liken it to sensory deprivation experiments. You sit in the dark with little input, and your brain can make up all sorts of things.

  2. Mr. Wise’s theory is inclusive of Putin being responsible for the disappearance of MH370.
    The disappearance, he also describes as an act of terrorism so infinitely complex as to be nearly beyond conception; likely taking months or even years to plan and orchestrate.
    And what was Mr. Putin’s motivation? US sanctions that went into effect the day before the disappearance.
    So Mr. Wise would have us believe that only one day, one single day, was all that was required for this incredibly elaborate plot to be conceived, set in motion, and executed perfectly….all to harm the handful of Americans on that Malaysian plane….mmmmkay.

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