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Ever wonder how many hours you have spent on airplanes in your life?

I remember when back in elementary school I had to maintain a journal to keep track of the amount of fluid I drank every day for an entire year. At the end of the year, I would flip through the book and feel like I accomplished something.

Since 2014, I began recording details of my flights—every single one of them—on A year later, FlightMemory has generated a highly satisfying map and some very cool statistics, and of course, I have that same sense of accomplishment I got in elementary school.

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For example, it tells me that I spent 275 hours on planes last year, which equates to 11.5 straight days (or over a week) in the air! The website also shows the longest and shortest flights as well as the the fastest and slowest flights you have flown during a given year, or across your entire “flying history.”

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It also shows you the routes that you have flown the most often, and cities you have visited the most. If you choose to record the booking classes and types of aircrafts, it aggregates that data and puts them in a nice table for you too. Besides the huge sense of satisfaction, seeing the summary of my “Year in Flying” also reminds me how lucky I am that my points and miles hobby enabled me to fly almost half my flights last year in business or first class.

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To add a social aspect to the website, FlightMemory also shows you the number of members who are online and the routes that members of FlightMemory are currently flying. It’s a busy, busy map for sure!

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 8.34.32 PM

FlightMemory is completely free and brings in revenue from selling airplane models and printouts of your FlightMaps. It takes less than a minute to log each flight, but at the end of each year, you get some truly, truly cool to look at.

Do you track your flights on

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  1. You should consider mentioning and, too. Similar idea but different feature set across the three. OF does better with data analysis and zooming in on the maps, for example. FD is prettier but more limited in what data can be input.

    I use OpenFlights now because I like the data side more. Nearly 2mm miles tracked so far. 🙂

  2. I found Flightmemory but after manually adding a couple of flights, i looked for alternatives and found openflights.rog

    Biggest advantage is the import of Tripit, which works awesome. It gives me the same statistics and a little banner to add to forums and websites.
    Only downside, if you have the free version you get ads (can be fixed for free) and your flight data is visible to either everyone or nobody and that also counts for the banner. If you set it to private, the banner wont show anything and nobody can see your flight details in detail. if you set it to public everyone can see your details and the banner shows the statistics. only in the paid vesion you can set a password for your data at the website.

    Another tip for users if you want to import form tripit. get an accoutn, import from tripit and from there you can import to flightdiary. This is not a very great solution and still needs some work to be done manually. But it helps if you want to setup your profile and used tripit for all your previous travels. The future plans can be added manually..

  3. So many fantastic options! I went crazy adding all my flights after finding FlightMemory, and decided to stick with it for a whole year. But I’m a sucker for good graphics so I might jump ship to FlightDiary… 😛

  4. @Enoch,

    if you want to jup on FlightDiary, export your FlightMemories database, import it into openflights and from there oyu can import it to FlightDiary. Makes it easier for you to jump over..

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