Delta: “If We Are Later than American & United, We’ll Pay You!”

The Chicago Tribune reports that Delta plans to offer travel credits if its on-time arrival and flight completion rates fall behind American and United. It’s part of a program the airline is pitching to its corporate clients to take advantage of their operational performance which they claim cannot be replicated by their biggest competitors.

If American and United beat Delta’s on-time and completion rates for a year, Delta would award travel credits of $1,000 to $250,000 to businesses with a contract. Those who suffer the most delays and cancellations get the biggest payouts.

All international flights and regional flights would be excluded from the offer. Check out the article for full details.


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  1. Restricting it to domestic mainline flights only is the trick. They know UA and AA can’t beat them there. I like DL and AA. UA is a distant third between the three.

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