Upgraded for Being Nice…It Happened on this AA LAX-JFK Flight

I often roll my eyes when I read non-travel oriented media articles on how to score upgrades by sweet talking agents or dressing the part (has this worked in the last 10 years?), luckily George Hobica’s USA Today post recommends neither of these tactics. Even better, it shows us how to guarantee you’re not going to get upgraded (even as an AA Platinum member). Check out his full post to learn how being nice scored his business class seatmate an upgrade.

Gate agent: “Well, I need to upgrade someone.”

Flight attendant: “Shouldn’t we upgrade 12C?” (Row 12 is in the economy cabin.)

Gate agent, exasperated: “I am NOT rewarding that kind of behavior with an upgrade!” (Her exact words.)


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    • @Ryan – the upgrade wasn’t processed for the AAdvantage elite member, the nice guy got it. Check out the link in the article.

  1. How do we know this story is true? Most likely the guy wrote this to justify this previous articles. Were there any witnesses? Is everything people write in print or on the internet actually the truth?

  2. Hope they fire that b!tch! I’m pretty sure they have SOP’s on who to upgrade and the next person in the list gets it period… hope he sent a bunch of emails to Dougie… Don’t matter if you like someone or not.

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