Nasty AA/US Airways Flight Attendant Kicks Passenger Off for No Reason – Passengers Boo w/ Video

Passengers on American Airlines flight 408 from Phoenix to Portland boo at the crew as a flight attendant forces a female passenger off the flight. Apparently, the passenger did not hear an earlier announcement from another crew member asking her to either switch seats or clear the aisle. The nasty flight attendant creates a scene and kicks her off the flight. No one seems all that happy with the crew and the passenger can be heard crying and sobbing, claiming not to know that she was the one being spoken to.

Full story here.

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  1. There seems to be another side to this story floating around but I don’t know if it’s verified. Apparently a very inappropriate term was used toward the flight attendant.

    • You’d have to think if that was the case, the rest of the plane wouldn’t be so against the woman getting the boot. Why spread unverified rumors?

    • And even if that’s the case, there is still no reason to throw her off the plane. If you are in the service industry you should be used to it, even if she was wrong.

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