Lonely Planet Announces Top 10 Countries + Cities to Visit in 2016

The Lonely Planet releases an annual survey of which destinations they are recommending for 2016.   In their just released “Best in Travel 2016,” the travel writers emphasize “places our team determined [travelers] should visit,” says Tom Hall, Lonely Planet’s editorial director.


In case you were wondering, next year’s must-visit country is Botswana, which the team at Lonely Planet calls “wild Africa at its best.”  The top 10 list for countries to visit are:

  1. Botswana
  2. Japan
  3. USA
  4. Palau
  5. Latvia
  6. Australia
  7. Poland
  8. Uruguay
  9. Greenland
  10. Fiji

And their top 10 cities to visit next year?

  1. Kotor
  2. Quito
  3. Dublin
  4. George Town
  5. Rotterdam
  6. Mumbai
  7. Fremantle
  8. Manchester
  9. Nashville
  10. Rome

Do you agree/disagree with the list?

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  1. I am not surprised to see Botswana at the top of the list, Eric; as I visited there earlier this year and found that this country is truly emerging from being one of the better-kept secrets in the world:

    “My limited experience with the people of Botswana is that they are friendly, helpful and seemed refined; but without losing their sense of origin or abandoning their heritage. Botswana was once one of the poorest countries in the world — but its gross domestic product continues to improve; and the economy of Botswana has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

    “It does not take long to see that the people of Botswana are hard working and proud. The blue, black and white — the national colors of Botswana — are everywhere; and one can tell that the people are proud of their country and its growing success. There is definitely a lot of potential for Botswana in the future.”


    • Brian –

      Lovely article. I, too, was recently in Botswana and would agree. I did not make it out to Gabarone but will have to make the effort like you did.

        • Brian –

          We made it just over the border into Chobe. If you have not been able to get there yet, it is certainly worth your while (especially since it is a nice pairing with Victoria Falls). The trip report is coming!

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