A Drug Deal During An Uber Ride – What Would You Do?

On the online forum UberPeople, user Nick781 posted a link to YouTube video that an Uber driver’s dashcam captured. The video is entitled “Uber riders scoring drugs in Boston” and it was published several months ago.


During the 3 minute 54 second video, the driver is directed to loop around a neighborhood as one of the passengers apparently lost his keys. The Uber driver comes to the conclusion that the passenger was lying, and had completed a drug deal instead. At the 1 minute 25 second mark, the driver asks the 4 passengers to exit his vehicle.  Three passengers leave, and the last remains, demanding a refund of his Uber fare.

Some of the comments on the forum from fellow Uber drivers raise valid points.  For example:

“Scary to view this, never mind drive these creeps. Can you imagine a female driver encountering this? I’m surprised his friends waiting outside the car didn’t vandalize the car while he distracted the driver. He’s lucky they didn’t punch him in the glasses.”

Another driver indicated that this experience may be more common than most Uber passengers think:

“its was just weed. I think one time I took some people to get crack but I wasn’t sure. So I didn’t say anything, better than taking my cousins, they didn’t even give me gas money.”

What would you do if you were an Uber driver and this situation happened to you?

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