Save 17.5% on Your Hyatt Hotels Reservations

If you have travel plans upcoming and are going to be staying at Hyatt Hotels, then you should consider purchasing a few Hyatt gift cards through CardCash. They just discounted their Hyatt eGiftcards to 17.5% off of face value. Denominations of $50, $100 and $500 are available. I recently purchased an eGiftcard through CardCash and received the gift card in my inbox within 10 minutes. The sale is ending March 23, 2016.


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  1. Several people on Flyertalk have reported e-giftcards (like those being sold on CardCash) being drained of funds by hackers within a few months. Hyatt is aware of the problem. If you buy them, plan on using them quickly!

    • I bought a Hyatt egiftcard from CardCash and it was drained within a few minutes. Literally between the time of my purchase to the time it arrived in my inbox. Luckily, CardCash refunded my purchase since I caught it immediately.

  2. Thought I’d buy some of these but in trying to set up a cardcash account I saw that you must have a password of length 8, using only letters and numbers. WOW, this is unbelievably bad security. No thanks.

  3. I have some hyatt stays coming up later this year, had some interest in this. Checked out some reviews on Cardcash. Wouldn’t touch this company with a 10 foot – make that 50 foot pole. Just gambling with your money! Surprise you push this kind of —-.

  4. I’ve bought hundreds, if not thousands of gift cards from Cardcash and any problems are handled quickly. They’re on par with in terms of customer service.

  5. If anyone has the time to answer this question:

    How can these cards be drained by hackers if these funds can only be used but on Hyatt reservations or stays?

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