“Social Justice Warrior” Verbally Assaults Lyft Driver for Hula Girl on Dash

A self-proclaimed “Social Justice Warrior,” Annaliese Nielsen is now likely to be better known for a recent verbal tirade that she launched on her Lyft driver for (of all things), having a hula girl on his dashboard.

In the video, Nielsen is clearly unhappy when she sees the hula girl and tells the driver:

You thought that was adorable? You didn’t think about the pillaging of the like, continent of Hawaii?

Besides the fact that Hawaii is not a continent (at least that’s what I was taught in school), Nielsen claims that the driver experiences “white privilege” though it is later revealed that he is Asian. In addition, she threatens to give him a 1-star rating, and intends to share the video on Gawker so that she can ruin his life by turning him into a “meme.” The bad news for Nielsen is that Gawker was recently shut down as a result of a lawsuit brought against it by Hulk Hogan. To top it all off, she repeatedly calls the driver a “selfish dumbass idiot.”

Before you think that this was a random person who was acting out, it is interesting to note that Nielsen was recently interviewed by ABC News as she had just launched Girls Night In, described as a “secretive online community made up of elite all-female movers and shakers.”

Is Nielsen’s behavior better or worse than the infamous Uber passenger in Miami?

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  1. She is an idiot. Poeple working for a living and be Free to do so. Hello this is America take your self and your social control behavior to N. Korea they need a new minister of Education. I nominate her!

  2. Like, errmagerrrd there’s like a totally sexist driver because he like had an inammminert piece of plastic in his like caaaar. He should totally be like fired or something !!!

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