Only 6 of the 35 Recommendations Implemented 7 Years after Flight 1549 Landed in Hudson

by Adam

Did you know that the NTSB made 35 recommendations based on the landing of US Airways Flight 1549, of which only six have been implemented 7 years later? In fact, 14 of the recommendations sent to the FAA and EASA (European counterpart) were marked as unacceptable and closed. The Washington Post takes a look at these and the interesting back and forth between the NTSB investigators and the FAA.  Check out their article here.

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@TransistorTravel September 15, 2016 - 11:16 am

I had just gotten off a flight from France the day before I watched the film. I particularly value older pilots because of their many years of hand flying experience and was looking forward to seeing the movie. I really thought Sullenberger did the right and best thing at the time the incident took place and I also thought many pilots could have landed it the same. BUT now that I see his knowledge had to be deeper than that to get the plane that far in the first place, I see that it was more than just the landing. And I’m wondering how dramatized the questioning of his judgement and the accusation stance, rather than the investigation stance lasted.


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