The Technology That Wants To Replace Airport Security Lines

by Zoe

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Tired of waiting in a multitude of lines at the airport even before getting to your gate? At some airports, those lines can include a check-in and bag drop line, security line, and immigrations line. A new technology called “Aerochk” is  being developed that would accelerate passenger screening at airports without compromising security. Welcome to the airport security escalator. Welcome to the future.

The concept is for passengers to hop onto escalators upon arriving into into an airport. These highly advanced escalators would be equipped with a host of biometric scanners and equipment with one side of the contraption acting as bag check and the other side as a passport and security check.

Then, a robotic conveyor belt would check if the passport is valid and which flight the passenger is on. At the same time, the moving escalator would conduct a full body x-ray scan. And facial recognition would match the passport photo with the individual.

Here’s some photos on how it would work in practice.

The future is automation. And while this technology is still far out into the future, it has the potential to cut down on airport security delays and safety lapses caused by human error. Both of which are commonly known issues for the TSA specifically.

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