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by John Harper

Point Me Awake is a morning jolt of travel and points infused news. Please, wake up. Thailand will soon have better airport and rail infrastructure than the United States’ largest city.

Bangkok is Linking It’s Three Airports With A High-Speed Rail Line

Meanwhile, in New York, this morning’s first Boston-bound Acela departure is still somewhere in Queens. No one is sure exactly where. There’s no cell reception in that tunnel yet and the Wi-Fi is inop.

Seriously, though, the Thai capital plans to spend $6.9 billion to link its three state-of-the-art international airports together, Bloomberg reports. The new system will allow airport transfers in under an hour. That’s about how long it takes to get to La Guardia once you get on the city bus that connects to the century-old train that almost didn’t make it under the East River. But, Uber.

Bangkok AIrport high speed rail

Bangkok’s Airport is (probably) nicer than yours.

Sir, Is That Eau de Sandwich You’re Wearing?

Alberto Riva, over at The Points Guy, got a nice surprise in his seatback pocket on a recent Air France flight. No, it was not a tin of foie gras. Someone’s slightly eaten sandwich, from a former time and place, was wedged away neatly, awaiting his discovery like a French time capsule. There were also crumbs just about everywhere else he photographed.

In other news, the seats on the 777-300ER were narrow.

HKG Turns 20

CNN has a neato (yeah, neato) time-lapse showing the history of the island airport’s development and future plans. This year the airport opened the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. Exciting future plans include a new Skybridge in 2020, a hotel that same year and a third runway in 2024.

There’s also a plan for something called Skycity, which from this website looks like a mixed-use development — including residential luxury apartments — at the airport. It’s kinda like that whole Up In The Air sop comedy becomes permanent real life. Pass.

Eight Hours, One Aisle

Irish flag carrier Aer Lingus, which began a tidy relationship with Alaska Airlines MileagePlan this year, plans to begin service next year between Dublin, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Montreal. Both routes will be operated by narrow body jets. Yowza.

That dystopian future, in which I’m perpetually on the Boeing 757 I threw up on as a first grader, really is here.

Aer Lingus new routes MInneapolis Montreal.

Get ready to fly something that looks sorta like this between Europe and the Midwest.

Maybe Not Everything On The Internet Is Trustworthy…

The Europeans are taking this whole internet thing seriously. An Italian man was jailed this week for selling fake TripAdvisor reviews, sentenced to nine months in prison and fined €8,000, Skift reports. Using the screen name PromoSalento, this individual (strangely not named in the Skift story?? What has happened to journalism, seriously) “successfully posted fake reviews on behalf of several hundred businesses.”

While TripAdvisor and other online publishing platforms engage in their own quality control measures, it’s rather extreme for criminal prosecutors to get involved. Perhaps it was a slow crime day.

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MG September 13, 2018 - 8:52 am

In Bangkok there’s BKK and DMK. They must’ve built a third international airport in the city when no one was looking.


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