Biometric Screening Technology: Touchless Check-In, Security, and Boarding

by Sara Williams

The future of air travel is uncertain, but one thing that could make a big difference is the use of contactless biometric identification technology. Imagine being able to check-in and also go through security without ever having to touch a machine or interact with a person. Even with CLEAR you still have to touch the fingerprint pad. However, with Vision-Box’s new biometric screening technology you wouldn’t have to touch anything at all!

biometric screening technology

What is Biometric Screening

Biometric screening technology uses high tech digital technology to scan a person’s fingerprints, and/or facial features in order to identify them. Most people know what CLEAR is – the super-fast security ID machines that get you to the front of the security lines. CLEAR uses a touchpad for fingerprints, so it is one step behind the new completely contactless technology of the Vision-Box machine pictured above.

The machine can identify a person using fingerprints (non-touch fingerprint scanning) and using their eyes/facial features. It makes check-in, security and boarding a lot faster, therefore, eliminating having to wait in long lines close to other travelers.

Biometric Screening Already in Use

Several airports and airlines are already using this technology; Schiphol Amsterdam, Emirates, Gatwick Airport, Bangalore Airport, Los Angeles World Airport, and Aruba among others. With widespread worry about passing the coronavirus when traveling, I can see this technology going a long way in alleviating passenger’s worry about catching a virus or other contaminant while in an airport.

Here is a list of the benefits biometric screening technology offers:

  • Eliminates the need for travelers to exchange travel documents.
  • Minimizes risk of transmission beyond the travel hub or border area.
  • Speeds clearance and exit thereby increasing personal space between travelers.
  • Reduces crowd levels and waiting lines to further decrease the number of people inside travel premises.
  • Minimizes transmission risk at travel hub hotspots, specifically check-in, security checkpoint, border control and boarding.
  • Offers travel areas hygienic solutions that are easier to disinfect because of its smooth surface design.

A Positive Impact On Struggling Industry

Traveling by plane has always caused people a bit of worry about getting sick; the numerous people you are in close quarters with, the number of things you have to touch that hundreds of other people have touched, I could go on and on. Now with the coronavirus in widespread circulation and fear at the forefront for every traveler, this touchless biometric screening technology could make a huge positive impact on the airline industry. The airlines have their work cut out for them as they struggle to survive and eventually gain back momentum when the pandemic plays itself out.

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Let Us Know How You Feel

Would having this technology in an airport make you more likely to travel soon after the travel bans for the coronavirus outbreak are lifted? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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