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Alaska Joins the Club In Simplifying “Shapeless Blob” Boarding

Alaska follows recent announcements from American and United in changing its boarding process. Begining July 18, Alaska will roll out a simplified boarding process for its “guests” (passengers).  According to Alaska’s blog:  At one point or another, you’ve probably seen a big queue of people – let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just a shapeless blob…

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Alaska to Remove Plastic Straws & Picks from Cups On-Board & Lounges – Swapped for Marine-Friendly Stir Sticks

Are you a green flyer? No, I’m not talking about the color of your skin or whether or not you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. I’m talking about Alaska Airlines new plan to ditch plastic straws in favor of marine-friendly stir sticks. Alaska Airlines wants us all to be stirred to action!  On Monday, the airline announced…

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Alaska Airlines Pilot Suing Airline, Claims Captain Drugged & Raped Her After Hotel Concierge Lounge Fun

A 39-year old first officer at Alaska Airlines filed a lawsuit yesterday claiming that she was drugged and raped at a hotel in Minneapolis during a layover by the Captain on her assigned flight from Seattle. The former Army helicopter pilot says that Alaska’s response to the incident was unsupportive and even retaliatory. Apparently, the…

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Skymiles Is a Wasteland, Yet I’m Still Stuck With Delta. Stockholm Syndrome?

Stockholm Syndrome is a condition observed among hostages who develop an affinity and loyalty to their captors, even when held at gunpoint. I started studying the symptoms in light of a few recently heartbreaking perusals through Delta Skymiles availability calendars. Delta Skymiles isn’t exactly a wasteland, but it’s getting there. Like any frequent flier program, there…

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TIP: It Is Possible To Recover Points & Miles When Award Prices Fall

In many cases, costly change fees make it impractical to try to renegotiate points and miles award prices. There are some cases, however when it is possible to earn back miles if prices fall after you book. Take Southwest Airlines, for instance. I recently recovered over 2,000 valuable Rapid Rewards miles by looking out for…

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RIP Virgin America, Carrier Begins Using Alaska Call Sign. We’ll Miss These Quirks Forever

Virgin America officially stopped operating under its “Redwood” call sign today, instead transitioning to Alaska’s “Alaska” sign. In the eyes of the FAA, that makes Virgin America and Alaska one airline. You’ll still see Virgin America plans for quite a bit longer, but today marks the official end of Virgin America 🙁 Slowly but surely,…

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