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Review — A La Carte Dining at Virgin Atlantic’s Newark Clubhouse

In my estimation, there is exactly one reason to spend additional time at Newark Liberty Airport (EWR). Hint, it’s not to spend time in the Terminal A waiting area. Virgin Atlantic, which launched its very first route between London and Newark, operates a compact but mighty version if its famed Clubhouse at EWR. While the…

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Delta-Korean Air Joint Venture Wins Approval from Korea – Set to Launch First Half of Year

Delta and Korean Air received conditional approval for their transpacific joint venture from the Korean government on Thursday.  The airlines previously received approval from the US Department of Transportation back in November. The carriers say they intend to launch their partnership during the first half of this year if the conditional approval leads to an…

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Delta 747 Shown Dead in the Desert :-(

Both Delta and United retired their 747 fleets to the desert last year where they are stored in case a buyer is found…or more likely until they are scrapped for parts. It’s one thing to know that these beautiful birds are sitting silent in the desert, it’s another to see one being scrapped.  Twitter user…

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Delta Issues Update on 8 Wk Old Puppy Sent on 3,700 Trip, Five Flights in 24 Hours After “Incorrect Routing Mistake”

Eight-week-old puppy Ren had quite the journey last weekend, 3,700 miles to be exact. His owner Josh Schlaich arrived at Boise airport on Saturday night to retrieve him, but was informed that the dog was “misrouted” to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City before arriving in Idaho almost 24 hours later. Instead, John was handed…

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Skymiles Is a Wasteland, Yet I’m Still Stuck With Delta. Stockholm Syndrome?

Stockholm Syndrome is a condition observed among hostages who develop an affinity and loyalty to their captors, even when held at gunpoint. I started studying the symptoms in light of a few recently heartbreaking perusals through Delta Skymiles availability calendars. Delta Skymiles isn’t exactly a wasteland, but it’s getting there. Like any frequent flier program, there…

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Delta Seeing Increased Traffic as a Result of the Air Berlin Collapse, Creditors to Sue Etihad

At the ITB travel fair in Berlin, Delta said that the collapse of Air Berlin has helped it to increase load factors and up capacity in the region, especially with regards to the carrier’s flying to former Air Berlin hub Duesseldorf. “The capacity that was taken out by Air Berlin hasn’t been filled entirely,” Germany, Switzerland…

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