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Trip Report: Hong Kong Airlines A350 Business Class LAX to HKG (for ~$500)

My seat for the 15 hour journey, 18A. A "true" window seat. | Image by Chris Dong

A few weeks ago, the travel blogosphere lit up with a $500-and-change round-trip fare in long-haul business class from the U.S. to Asia. Business for the price of economy? A fully flat bed for the price of a sardine can seat? Yes and yes. I took this flight in late August as part of an epic…

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Lisbon’s Incredible Pastry Culture: It All Starts with Pastel de Nata

Pastel de Nata in Lisbon Portugal

Pastries were everywhere in Lisbon. I’ve never seen so many pastry shops, pastelarias, and so many different kinds of pastries. King of all: Pastel de Nata, a Portuguese egg tart pastry originally from Portugal but also found in countries with significant Portuguese immigrant populations. The question became how to narrow it down to which ones…

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Don’t Let Your Travel Override Your Health: 11 Tips

Tivoli City Park in Slovenia

Traveling, as wonderful as it is, can also make staying healthy challenging. Travel often involves lots of sitting on planes, eating too much, and often leaving our best healthy habits back home. In my non-Point Me to The Plane life, I’m a holistic health and fitness coach. So combining traveling with finding fun, fitness-oriented adventures…

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How Dublin, Ireland Won Me Over As a Top Destination

Dublin Ireland sightseeing guide

Let’s leave the Guinness behind for a minute, because whether you visit Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day, or any day of the year, there are wonderful sites, restaurants, coffee shops, day trips, and hotel options in Dublin. After spending nine days in Dublin, I’ve come to appreciate it as one of the world’s great cities.…

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Groundbreaking: Air New Zealand Will Serve The ‘Impossible Burger’ in Business

The Impossible Burger, engineered to act like a hamburger without the ingredient of dead cattle, is now available on Air New Zealand's LAX flights.

If you haven’t heard of the Impossible Burger by now, check in. The burger has roughly the same flavor, texture and nutritional profile of an Angus beef patty, but is made without a single slaughtered cow. If you must, fly business class on Air New Zealand this fall: they’re serving the revolutionary patty. Air New…

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Don’t Get Caught With Hummus In Your Carry-On

Hummus is not allowed through airport security checkpoints in the United States.

Do you travel with only carry-on luggage? If you do, I congratulate you. I’m not, but I’m heading in that direction. That means learning about the pitfalls of packing lessor-known forbidden items in my carry-on bag. The images of TSA-confiscated carry-on items normally look something like this: But there is a much longer list of…

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