CDC Reports Horrible Scores for Royal Caribbean Ship Inspection

by Adam

Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas just received its CDC Vessel Sanitation Program inspection score and it’s not pretty.  The HuffPost reports that The Explorer received a score that was only 6 points above failing. Many violations were noted, but two of the more fun ones are noted below courtesy of the CDC report…

Item No.: 02
Site: Medical-Acute Gastroenteritis logs (AGE)
Violation: On 4 May, a food worker was late reporting to Medical with AGE symptoms. Illness onset time was 0700. The report to Medical was at 1142 with 2 incidents of diarrhea. This person worked during this time and was placed on report. A non food worker also did not report in a timely manner when they started experiencing symptoms at 0830 and reported to Medical at 1114. They ate breakfast and lunch in the crew mess. This individual was not placed on report. Recently, the Medical staff has implemented a new strategy to attach Chronos information directly to the patient chart to track time worked.

Item No.: 19
Site: Buffet-Windjammer Buffet Line #2
Violation: During lunch service, the handles of 4 tongs were inside containers touching the food. These were removed.
Recommendation: During pauses in food preparation or dispensing, ensure food preparation and dispensing utensils are stored: (1) In the food with their handles above the top of the food and the container; (2) In food that is not potentially hazardous with their handles above the top of the food within containers or equipment that can be closed, such as bins of sugar, flour, or cinnamon; (3) On a clean portion of the food preparation table or cooking equipment only if the in-use utensil and the food-contact surface of the food preparation table or cooking equipment are cleaned and sanitized at least every 4 hours; (4) In running water of sufficient velocity to flush particulates to the drain (if used with moist food such as ice cream or mashed potatoes); (5) In a clean, protected location (if the utensils, such as ice scoops, are used only with a food that is not potentially hazardous); or (6) In a container of water (if the water is maintained at a temperature of at least 57°C [135°F] and the container is frequently cleaned and sanitized).

Check out the HuffPost article for full details on the inspection program, scoring, and how fines are handled.


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Corey July 21, 2016 - 8:40 pm

Goodie….just what I want to read. Wife and I are sailing on the Explorer of the Seas on a South Pacific cruise but not until next October. So they have a little time to get there act in order.

ks July 22, 2016 - 5:35 am

I guess all cruise liners and most restaurants on the shore as well as big cities will fail some inspection or the other. Best eat and get out. Don’t see the kitchen of any food making place

Anthony Smith July 22, 2016 - 10:53 am

All cruise ship employyes are required to wash their hands after expelling a foul stool or experiencing a forecful emesis.
However, due to “other duties as assugned” these ship employees don’t often have time for personal hygiene because they are so busy.


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