Did You Get Pranked? Round-Up of 2015 Airline April Fools’ Jokes

by Enoch

With airlines having a stronger social media presence, I was super excited to see the number of airlines that participated in pranking customers this year. Check out the following pranks pulled by airlines around the globe—did you fall for any of them?

Southwest Introducing Bag-Fees

“All the other guys are doing it!” Southwest introduced a complicated bag fee schedule, varying based on the day of the week and the color or pattern of your bag. “Bags with two wheels must be approved within a year and six days prior to travel date.”

WestJet’s Smart Seats—Wait in Line…Seated

Your seat in the lounge is now also your seat in the plane! When you fly with WestJet, wait in style and get some work done while you are in line—your seat will just roll right onto the plane.

Spirit Airlines New Boarding Procedure: Gluten-Free Passengers Board First

Spirit Airlines announced new boarding procedures. If you are gluten-free, a man with low testosterone, or someone who eats kale, you get to board before everyone else!

1. Gluten-free customers
2. Members of the 
3. Those with O-negative blood type
4. Lauries
5. Steves
6. Squirrels
7. Secessionists
8. Men with Low T
9. Canadian royalty
10. People who eat kale
11. Business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back Class
12. Everyone else

Virgin American Launching Flights to Branson, MO

Virgin has a solid history of pulling April Fool’s pranks. Two years ago, they announced the launch of glass-bottom jets and many people absolutely fell for it! This year, they announced that they were moving operations to Branson, Missouri. CEO of Virgin Group, Richard Branson said, “a few weeks ago I discovered my long-lost relations in the great city of Branson, Missouri. With such a name, I couldn’t resist finding out more about the opportunities for Virgin in Branson.”


WOW Air Launches Electric Planes

Low-cost, trans-atlantic carrier WOW Air announced that they would be launching electric planes to usher in the future of air travel. “We are super excited about not only offering the lowest airfares across the Atlantic, but now also being at the forefront of introducing the aircraft of the future,” says WOW air Founder and CEO Skúli Mogensen.

Virgin Australia Introduces Dedicated Airport Lounges for Pets

Virgin Australia introduced a frequent flyer program for pets two years ago (which is REAL, by the way), and they were back this year with the introduction of dedicated airport lounges for pets, featuring Premium Paw Entry. The lounges would offer pampering and grooming services, endless entertainment options, a specially designed grass area for pets to play, and a unique dining experience (“a la cat” dining).

SAS to Offer Space Travel

Want to shorten your journey from Stockholm to Hong Kong from 10.5 hours to just 20 minutes? Look no further, SAS is offering a new space travel option that will dramatically shorten traveling time.

Did I miss any? Please comment below!

Happy Belated April Fools’!

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This was my favorite

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