Entitled “Millionaire” Passenger Gets What He Deserves on JetBlue Flight

by Eric

Don’t you just hate it when a fellow passenger acts in a way that suggests they are better than everyone else around them? On a recent JetBlue flight, you would have had the opportunity to catch one of these passengers in action.


In a viral video viewed over 96,000 times already, a man who identified himself as David Bracket is recorded saying that he has an IQ of 176, makes $4 million a year and owns six houses. Bracket was traveling on a JetBlue flight 266 on Friday April 8 between Long Beach, CA and Sacramento, CA. He is reported to have been shouting at passengers and disobeying airline crew. During the rant, he is heard shouting “I did not sign any disclaimer for this to be released, so I will be filing a lawsuit.”

Due to the problems caused by the multiple individuals involved in this event, the plane was sent back to the gate. Someone who appears to be a police officer then escorted the pair off the JetBlue flight. Applause can be heard on the video after the men were removed from the flight.

How would you have handled a passenger on your flight who behaved like this?

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Susan April 13, 2016 - 7:03 pm

I wouldn’t have “handled” the passenger at all. It’s not my responsibility. I’d leave it to the flight crew.

joe April 13, 2016 - 7:09 pm

In this situation , the women in the front are just as guilty. The lady raised her voice and caused a situation that wasnt as bad as she made it. She raised her voice and blew this out of proportion. Also, just because the person can “confirm” they should have had both sides of the situation not just a he said she said and then listen to the she. If someone is going to report someone or confirm someone acting in a bad manner , then that person should also be removed so that they can give their account afterwards. This may have been poor behavior but the person sitting in the front starting screaming in appropriately due to her own anxiety of flying.


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