We’ve all experienced the annoyance of the in-flight entertainment system freezing in the middle of a movie and perhaps uttered some expletives at the screen as it was being reset. Well this time, the screen was the one doing the yelling.  From the Times of India with permission (thanks PL):

…On a recent Air India London-Mumbai flight, a passenger discovered that even an equipment can be rude. When she tried to work the in-flight entertainment system to watch a movie it refused to relent and in an uncharacteristic display of emotion, called her an idiot and ordered her to lie low. The strange case of the temperamental entertainment system is being investigated by the airline after the passenger filed a complaint. The incident took place on July 25 onboard Air India’s London-Mumbai flight AI-130. Inside the swanky Boeing 777 aircraft, where every passenger gets an access to an in-flight entertainment system, the woman passenger in question was seated on 19H in the economy class. Sources said about five hours into the flight, the said passenger tried to switch on the system to watch a movie but it did not respond. She fiddled with the switches and buttons when the screen came to life. One the top of the screen was displayed the message: “This selection is not currently available. Please try again later,” And at the bottom, was the line: “Lie low…Sit down you idiot!” Predictably, the passenger was taken aback. She complained to the cabin crew, who in turn, informed the commander. Meanwhile, for proof, the passenger took a photo of the screen which kept blanking. “The commander came over to investigate and on seeing the message apologized to her,” said a source. So how does such a thing happen? Airline sources surmised that …

Check out the remainder of the story at the Times of India

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Cook September 1, 2013 - 10:36 pm

How does it happen? I think the geeks and nerds call it Secret Backdoor Programming.” While this example is perhaps a bit over the top, I think it is funny has hell. And, with all of the chips are in, I wonder if it is really true.

Orion Blastar September 2, 2013 - 10:13 pm

Actually I’ve known people who program in-flight systems. They usually have a sense of humor. If a passenger is trying to watch a movie before the plane takes off, it usually messes up the system because it is not allowed to play any movies until the pilot gives an OK after the plane takes off and is in the air.

They have creative error messages that appear as ‘glitches’. That scene of a movie has a Bollywood clip of one guy telling the other to “Lie low…Sit down you idiot!” because he was being fired at by the bad guys. So that clip played via a glitch to pop up the subtitle to the user who wanted to watch a movie before he/she was ready to watch one.

It is done on purpose as a ‘joke’ or ‘prank’ on people who jump the gun and try to watch a movie before the pilot makes it available.


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