Watch: British Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s Crazy Flight Routine

by Zoe

British supermodel Naomi Campbell is an aviation geek. She loves flying and says that she “loves being everywhere and nowhere at the same time.”

She also has a YouTube series called “Being Naomi” that chronicles her day-to-day (glamorous) life. Her latest episode is all about her love for airports, flying, and a very intense pre-flight cleaning regimen to ensure she doesn’t get sick onboard.

Back in 2008, Campbell got in some hot water with British Airways and London Heathrow Airport authorities. She was banned from flying BA for several years, but that ban was supposedly lifted in 2013 and she’s now allowed back onto the airline’s flights.

Qatar Airways Business Class A350. Qatar Airways/Flickr

Qatar Airways Business Class A350.

In her five minute video, Campbell is flying business class on Qatar Airways’s A350 from Nice to Doha. (It is not a Qsuites-equipped plane, in case you were wondering.)

Naomi Campbell goes through security and duty-free shops (which she loves) like the rest of us. However, the relatability ends there as she gets a private ride to the plane and begins a very-OCD cleaning regimen at her seat that involves gloves, masks, seat covers, and a thorough scrub down of anything that she might touch in-flight. Apparently, it works for her though since she rarely gets sick “whether flying private or commercial.”

Here is the video in full.

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