Another Easy 500-1000 Miles from the US Airways MasterCard

This card just keeps giving and giving. Here’s another way to earn even more bonus miles in addition to the original sign-up bonus and the 15,000 non-use bonus. Reader Andrew in SLC emailed last week that he received an email offer back in February that offered 500 miles for switching to paperless statements. Sign up for Paperless Statements on your US Airways MasterCard by March 31, 2013 and get 500 Bonus Miles.

Now, according to Andrew, his wife Marni already had a previous US Airways card and her new card was automatically enrolled in paperless statements. He switched her back to paper statements the day he received the email in hopes that she too would receive the offer. Andrew reports that this morning, three weeks and two days after switching to paper, Marni has received the offer as well…but for 1,000 miles!

Like Marni, I already had a previous US Airways MasterCard and it was enrolled for paperless statements which carried over to my new card received in December. I’ve since switched back to paper statements and will report if and when I receive a paperless offer. Splittin’ Aces on Flyertalk has started a thread on Flyertalk regarding his 500 mile paperless offer and the other offers received as well.



  1. do you know you get miles for using Citi AA cards on amazon payment? I was offered 750 bonus Advantage miles for spending $750 monthly, but don’t know if this will work on amazon payment.
    and will citi treat this as a cash advance with fee even if i select “good & services”?


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