A New World’s Longest Flight? TK Istanbul (IST) -Sydney (SYD)

As Singapore’s non-stop Singapore (SIN) – Newark (EWR) flight comes to an end, is a new ultra-long-haul flight ready to take up the title of “World’s Longest Flight”? As per the UK Telegraph, Turkish Airlines is planning an Istanbul-Sydney route using B777-300ER aircraft that will span 8,076 nautical miles. The current champ clocks in at 8,388 nautical miles on the SIN-EWR route .

Speaking of, see this link for a current listing of all ultra-long-haul flights: The World’s Longest Flights – How Many Have You Flown (I have 10)?




  1. I don’t get why there is so much commotion about the world’s new longest flight. For the next few years, at the very least, it will be just like every other Europe-Australia route – with a stopover in Asia, until then SYD-DFW will reign supreme.

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